The 3 best brand new cars to buy right now

If you are looking to buy the best car for you, then we are here to give some tips. While making the decision to buy the car, generally you look at the price and the emotions attached to the brand. But according to consumer reports, the best car is that passes the tests. It must be reliable, safe and must satisfy the customer. Four factors are responsible for buying the best car.

Performance- Each model must rank near to qualifying the road test.

Reliability- The brand must be reliable and must provide good after sales service.

Owner’s satisfaction- it must satisfy the needs of the customers.

Safety – It must qualify the rollover and crash test provided by the concerned bodies.

The best cars to choose from-

        1.Honda Fit- Best compact car

Overall score- 67

Road test score- 67

Overall MPG-33

Sales- Approx 56 million annually

USP- Quality ride and acceleration, affordable multimedia technology and good crash test scores

If you are purchasing the very first car in your family, then Honda is perfect. It is fuel efficient and has 33 mpg overall. It comes with umpteen interior space and leg space. The second-row seat can be flipped up to accommodate the extra luggage. It is also equipped with rear view camera. It scores high on the owner satisfaction. Buy this and you will not regret.

        2.Toyota Camry- Best Midsized car

Overall score- 84

Road test score- 84-78

Overall MPG-26-38

Sales- Approx 389 million annually

USP- Excellent mileage of 12.98 Kmpl in petrol automatic, seven attractive metallic colors, dual chrome tipped exhaust and 8-way power adjustable driver’s seat

It has the excellent driving experience on the long routes. It comes with great outward visibility, easy to handle while driving and extra space interior. It has comfortable sitting, making your ride pleasant. It is fuel efficient yet reasonable. This bright colored Camry is reliable and passes the crash test successfully. It is a perfect sedan for you!

        3.Subaru Forester- Best small SUV

Overall score- 83

Road test score- 85

Overall MPG-26

Sales- Approx 108 million annually

USP-side mounted and rear airbags, antilock brakes, and auto climate control

We often here that Subaru is the official car of England but Forrester is the best small SUV to have. It has sufficient room to relax and sit comfortably. It has the excellent fuel economy. It comes with a forward collision warning and automatic braking system. All these are available at very nominal prices.

Thus, when you are going to buy the car, choose the best car after doing the analysis of the performance, fuel efficiency, features, safety, and reliability. You must check that car has passed which standards and is recognized by which body.

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