These days the rising cost of car insurance is a source of frustration for many drivers. Even drivers that have been behind the wheel for many years and never had an accident are still finding their rates rising year after year. So what is a person supposed to do about this? The answer is switching to an insurance company whose rates are better for the type of auto insurance category you find yourself in. That is why we have taken the time to look at many auto insurance providers and come up with some that may be able to get you the best cheap auto insurance that you deserve.

Here are some overviews of six auto insurance carriers that we think tend to offer more affordable rates to certain groups of drivers.


Many people do not realize that the USAA insurance company was founded way back in 1922 by a group of fellow Army officers. They realized that the need for low-cost insurance for military members and their families was significant considering how little money soldiers made way back then. They have grown into one of the biggest auto insurance providers in the United States today.

Without a doubt, they offer some of the lowest auto insurance premium rates in the country. The problem being is that only a small selection of the population is eligible to be covered by their auto insurance. They serve such individuals as those serving in the armed forces, their family members, retired service members, military academy students and students currently enrolled in ROTC programs.

If you fall under any of these eligible categories you would do well to make them the first company you get a quote from regarding obtaining new auto insurance. They not only offer the lowest premiums to the select group of individuals they serve, but they also have by far the highest customer service satisfaction rates while doing it.


Esurance was one of the first insurance companies to take advantage of selling insurance on the Internet. They were established in 1999 just as the World Wide Web was expanding and internet speeds were becoming much faster. The timing could not have been better, and Esurance is now a company that has revenues of over 1 billion dollars per year.

The auto premiums tend to be less with Esurance because their operating costs are much lower than most big auto insurance companies. They do not have to spend the money supporting agencies with funding and advertising because they are an internet based insurance company.

One of the areas that people can save big money on auto insurance premiums with Esurance is for homes that have multiple drivers living under the same roof. They offer many different cost saving multi-car discount packages. These don’t just apply to married couples either; they apply to same-sex couples and others that meet certain requirements too.


Progressive is an auto insurance provider that has come out of nowhere to become the nation’s number 4 auto insurance company. Many things have attributed to this rapid rise in the industry.

For one, they are the first insurance company that lets you tailor your insurance needs to your budget with their handy online ‘Name Your Price’ tool. Another unique feature that Progressive has when using their online quoting system is that it will also display their competitors’ auto insurance quote too. That shows a lot of confidence on their part in their ability to bring you affordable auto insurance premiums.

Progressive is known to have some other strong suits when it comes to offering lower auto insurance premiums too. They tend to offer slightly better rates for first time and high-risk drivers than many other auto insurance companies do.

         4.Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual has risen to become the 3rd largest property and casualty insurance company since their inception way back in 1912. They have survived where many other so-called ‘mutual’ insurance companies have failed because of the excellent customer service reputation they have.

This company is unique among big insurance companies. It has the name ‘Mutual’ in the title because it reflects that it’s a business that is owned by its policyholders. Because of that Liberty Mutual can give you some excellent savings on your insurance premiums. These savings may not be huge, but they are there if you take the time to look.

Among the areas where you may find discounts, good discounts with Liberty Mutual is their accident forgiveness program for those drivers who have had only one at-fault accident. They also have one of the best new car replacement coverages in the industry if you are looking to get insurance coverage for a new car you are about to buy. Of interest to note for those of you that are teachers, they will give you certain auto insurance add-ons at no extra cost if you qualify too.


The name Geico is short for what is known as the ‘Government Employees Insurance Company.’ That is exactly why this company was founded because at first, it catered to only federal government employees. It has evolved into a company that will sell auto insurance to just about anyone.

Despite that fact they still offer more of a discount on premiums (an average of 6% to 15%) to those individuals that are current or retired government employees or military members. If you fall into one of those two categories, this may be your best bet for low-cost auto insurance coverage.

Also, for those of you that are just looking for ‘liability coverage,’ you may find that getting insurance with Geico is the way to go. While their comp and collision damage rates are equal to or higher than many other insurance companies, people find that Geico’s auto liability insurance rates are consistently lower than most.


It is not surprising that Allstate is the nation’s second-leading publicly held insurance company. After all, they have been providing insurance almost as long as the automobile itself has been around.

They are a company that offers competitive rates that are very similar to other big auto insurance companies. The thing with Allstate is you might not be able to lower your insurance premiums much with them, but you will get some of the best customer service and claims representation that you will find in the auto insurance industry. This is because they are represented by some 9000 agencies across America. They go as far as offering their customers what is called a ‘Claim Satisfaction Guarantee.’

The cheapest auto insurance rates with Allstate tend to go to drivers that have been accident-free for several years or fall under their lower cost accident forgiveness rates. One of Allstate’s more surprising discounts is they offer up to a 20% savings on auto insurance for student drivers that are achieving excellent grades.

Most people are frustrated when it comes to auto insurance shopping, so they don’t take the time to look. That is a choice that can cost you hundreds of dollars a year in auto insurance premiums. So if you are unhappy with your current auto insurance rates don’t give up quite yet. Start a new auto insurance search by looking at the strong suits of each of these auto insurance carriers we reviewed to get the best cheap auto insurance for yourself.

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