No matter the type of insurance you own, whether liability insurance or full car insurance. The affordable or cheap services offered by other insurance companies can still entice you. The best way to discover other good deals around is by shopping and comparing quotes.
To aid you in your selection of the most affordable/ cheapest car insurance available with the widest coverage, this article contains a comparison of the top best insurance companies present in the United States.
What we cover in this article.

  •  Rates and discounts comparison/ Overall coverage.


1. Geico

Geico is considered the insurance company with the cheapest quotes when taken on an average, this average rate was found to be 1,297 yearly
Also, they offer discounts that are easily accessed which help clients cut costs. However, to obtain those discounts, there is some requirements/qualifications. The following are eligible for discounts.
Good driver discounts are for qualified motorists who have gone up to five years without accidents. There are more benefits you can get that gives you the chance to save which are; multiple vehicles insurance, using a car with airbags installed, wearing seat belts regularly, and making good use of other opportunities that can result in discounts.
Furthermore, Geico has a 15 million household/customers which account for its overall coverage and has over 36,000 employees

  •  Number of employees: over 36,000
  •  Estimated number of customers: 15 million household
  •  Regional offices: 16


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2. State Farm

Out of the four best insurance companies, state farm is ranked second. Their quote on an average is about $2,296 yearly, which is approximately higher than that of Geico with about $1000 annually.
The most interesting part is that they offer drivers good chances that help them trim cost, this is most applicable to drivers with a clean record. State Farm, also, offer distinct discounts that associate with accident-free driving.
Some more discounts offered are;
Safe Driver Discounts

  • Accident-Free Discount
  • Defensive Driving Course Discount ( Discount on successful completion)
  • Good Driving Discount
  • Driver Training Discount (Discount on successful completion)

Safe Vehicle Discounts

  • Vehicle Safety Discount
  • Passive Restraint Discount
  • Anti-Theft Discount (discount for using tracker)

Loyal customer’s discount
Multiple Auto Discount, Multiple Line Discount.
State Farm has a very broad coverage with 65,000 employees to serve about 82million accounts. They have 343 branch offices all scattered across the United States with about 18,000 agents.

  • Number of employees: 65,000
  • Estimated number of customers: 82 million accounts
  • Number of branch offices: 343
  • Number of agents: 18,000.


3. Progressive

The average quotes found for progressive is about $2,821 yearly, and $235 monthly. Which is $525 yearly more than State farm while it’s higher than double to Geico.
They provide ease of access by making it possible for their clients to completely manage their policy online. You can access discounts by starting/signing policy documents using electronic means. Discounts are available also when you insure multiple cars, insure your home.
Progressive’s top car insurance discounts

  • Start your quote online
  • Multi-product/bundle
  • Safe driver etc.

Progressive has high average quotes that might generally be considered as a reason that would have limited their overall coverage, but that’s not the case. Below are their coverage data.

  • Number of employees: 25,000
  • Number of branch offices: 450


4. Allstate

In comparison, Allstate is at the peak when it comes to average yearly quote for drivers with a good record. With an average quote of $3,182 which is $265 monthly. This cash amount is a lot to ask, however little negative feedbacks are popping out from policyholders. A.M Best U.S based rating agency gave an A+ financial rating to Allstate, which account for their excellent service rendering efficiency. Also, they have a customer complaint ratio of 0.77, which is undauntedly better than the industry median of 1.00, according to data compiled by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.
Some discounts offered by Allstate are; reduction in price which is directed towards safe driving,
Multiple policy discounts, you can get discounts when you use cars that are equipped to keep you safe, install an anti-theft device, you can also get a discount when you renew your contract early.
They have a relatively low overall coverage when compared with state farm. With about 43,050 employees, serving a huge number of customers 16 million

  • Number of employees: 43,050
  • Estimated number of customers: 16 million household



The services they render is not for all but specifically for active military members, veterans and their families.
It’s a recognized insurance company due to its high customer service rating of about 4.5 out of 5. The company offers so much more; it has cheap insurance rate of about $918 yearly. They offer numerous discounts that give customers opportunity to save. Below are the discounts they offer;
Driver discounts

  • Safe driving (going more than five years with a clean record)
  • Defense driving
  • Successful completion of a driving course.

Vehicle discounts

  • New vehicle discounts
  • Vehicle storage discounts
  • multi vehicle insurance discount and more

Though USAA is open to only active military members, veterans, and their families. They have a relatively high overall coverage based on the below data.

  • Number of employees: 28,200
  • Estimated number of customers: 11.2 million


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