What to expect with Your Credit Range

It Can be difficult to Know where you stand

When you have bad credit sometimes, it seems like you live in a fog and there is some hidden secret to getting yourself some help. Well, we’re here to help you see through that fog and decern what is reality and what is not. First, this is more for people with bad credit. If you have good credit that’s fantastic but this is the wrong article for you. If you do have poor credit, then don’t fret because there is help. Below are some ranges for poor credit help and what to expect or do. But it is not a guarantee (like everything in life). This is not the exact formula for every dealer, but it’s going to be close.

If you have below a 610

  • 590 – 610, In this range, I would try my credit union first. It’s not a guarantee by any means but worth the try.
  • 520 – 590, Sub prime for sure, you need to work for a loan from a subprime lender first before moving forward.
  • 480 – 520, I would still try for a subprime lender but be prepared for some serious money down!
  • 480 – and below, Buy here pay here, That is going to be your only solution.

With Any of these scores, I would try to fix my credit first! If you need a car right away, then work for a real Loan as opposed to buy here pay here so it can at least help you build your credit.

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